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Whatever the future holds for humanity, it is likely to occur mostly in an urban context. A steady stream of migrants from the countryside fills cities from India to Indiana, on every continent, and has made humans primarily an urban species. Cities can be more like Eden or more like Hades, but how they evolve will define our future civilization. Yet as this book will demonstrate, there are many, and sometimes divergent, urban futures.

Meet the Editors

Ryan Streeter Headshot

Ryan Streeter

Ryan Streeter is the State Farm James Q. Wilson Scholar and director of domestic policy studies at AEI, where he oversees research in education, technology, housing, urban policy, poverty studies, workforce development, and public opinion.

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Joel Kotkin

Joel Kotkin is the Roger Hobbs Distinguished Fellow in Urban Studies at Chapman University, executive director for Urban Reform Institute, and executive editor of the widely read website

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